Father Stefan reflects on Pope Francis ‘Joy of the Gospel’ A people of many faces

Pope Francis writes, “The Holy Spirit, sent by the Father and the Son, transforms our hearts and enables us to enter into the perfect communion of the blessed Trinity, where all things find their unity. He builds up the communion and harmony of the people of God. The same spirit is that harmony, just as he is the bond of love between the Father and the Son. It is he who brings forth a rich variety of gifts, while at the same time creating a unity which is never uniformity, but a multifaceted and inviting harmony.” 

The Holy Spirit is the original, ‘E-Harmony.’

Pope Benedict said, “that man creates uniformity the Holy Spirit creates Unity in Diversity.” Have you ever noticed that in movies about the future there is generally a great if not perfect uniformity? People are wearing same clothes, driving the same type of car. Think of Star Trek. 

Jesus says, “If you with all your sins know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will the Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask.” The Holy Spirit is the supreme gift. St Thomas says, “the Holy Spirit is the giver of every gift.” It is the Holy Spirit that brings forth a rich variety of gifts.

We read in Isaiah (61:10) “the bride bedecked with her jewels.” The Holy Spirit is the one who gives these beautiful jewels to the Church. 

Ask for these gifts and jewels. Tertullian (160-225) wrote, “Therefore, you blessed ones, for whom the grace of God is waiting, when you come up from the sacred bath of the new birth, when you spread out your hands for the first time in your mother’s house (The Church)  with your brethren, ask your Father, ask your Lord, for the special gift of his inheritance, the distribution of charisms.”

Ask the Original E-Harmony, the Holy Spirit for these precious Jewels and Gifts.

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