Sunday is the Feast of the Holy Family by Fr Stefan

Pope Francis says, “there are three phrases that are essential for a peaceful family life: ‘May I?’ to make sure you aren’t being intrusive, ‘Thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry'”

I am always struck by the simplicity of Pope Francis. If we say these three phrases we will have a holy family. Maybe, the answer to the breakdown in marriages is simply to say, “May I?, Thank you and I’m sorry.”

How beautiful it would be if parents asked their kids, “May I help you with your school work?”  How beautiful it would be if a husband asked his wife, “May I help you with the dishes?”

Pope Francis says, “Saying ‘thank you’ is such an easy thing, and yet so hard. How often do we say ‘thank you’ to one another in our families? These are essential words for our life in common.”

Sometimes the hardest words to say are, “I’m sorry.” We all make mistakes. Francis writes, ” Jesus never tires of stretching out his hand to lift us up, to encourage us to continue our journey, to come back and tell him of our weakness, so that he  can grant us his strength.” We become closer to Jesus when we say, “I’m sorry Jesus for this sin.” Jesus forgives us and embraces us with His tender mercy. When we say to members of our family, “I’m sorry”  we grow in love and unity as a family.


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