Fr Stefan reflects on How God Speaks to us

I just got back from Charleston SC and I prayed for a young lady who was in a serious car accident a month ago. Victoria mentioned how for the last year she keep having dreams of being in a car crash. In the dream she saw the car and the accident, but she also saw how see responded right before the accident.

In the month before the accident she not only saw the particular car but also the driver. So last month when Victoria was driving home from school, she saw the car in her dream coming at her as if she wasn’t there.Victoria was at a stop light. In the seconds before the accident, she did physically what she did in the dream.  She adjusted her seat into a 45 degree angle, she moved her body so that she was leaning against the door, and she moved her face so that it was looking left. 

Because she did these things she saved her life. I told her that God has a plan in all of this for your life. God gave you the vision of this accident because he wanted you to survive it, but also God wants to move you in another direction.

Victoria has many years of treatment ahead of her. As we were playing a board game with her mother I told her, “if I didn’t know that you were in this horrific accident I would not have know.

God has a divine plan for Victoria. She is a gifted girl with a heart for other. One day she will be Doctor Victoria with a special gift to bring healing to other.


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