Fr Stefan reflects on St Thomas the sacrament of confirmation and baptism in the Holy Sprit

Confirmation the catechism says is meant to be a ‘Personal Pentecost.’ Everything that happened to Christ’s Disciples at pentecost is meant to happen at our Confirmation. Then why do we often see so little effects in a person life when they are confirmed? 

St Thomas says, “Can a person be saved without receiving confirmation? Yes Aquinas say. While divine power (virtus divina) fittingly flows to human being through the sacraments, it is not ‘fettered’ (alligata) to them. Though God typically provides spiritual strength through the sacrament of Confirmation, he can bestow its proper effect by any means he wishes, just as a person can receive the remission of sins without baptism. ‘Yet, just as none receive the effects of baptism without the desire for baptism, so none receive the effect of confirmation, without the desire for confirmation’ (q.72,a.6,ad 1) Confirmation does not destroy, but rather perfects nature. For a person who lacks any desire to confess the faith of Christ publicly, the presence or absence of the sacrament little difference.”

The sacraments are not magic. How many kids think of confirmation as Catholic graduation? The sacrament require faith. if faith is absent the person receives the sacrament but none of its effects. 

We are meant to physically experience the Holy Spirit at our confirmation. What happened to the disciples in the Upper Room is suppose to be the norm for Confirmation.If we have not had a ‘Personal Pentecost’ than let us repent of our lack of faith. They us ask the graces that we received when we were confirmed to be released in our lives today. 

Question to ponder, When you received confirmation did you see it as catholic graduation? Have you experience your ‘Personal Pentecost? 


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