Fr Stefan reflects on the healing of the family tree and Papa Francis

Pope Francis wrote, “The Lord prepares His faithful over the course of generations. When things are not going well, He gets Himself involved in history, he sorts the situation, and goes forward with us. Think of the genealogy of Jesus Christ , of that list: this one begets that one, and that one begets this one, and so on… In that story there are men and women who are sinners. How did the Lord [work it all out]? He stepped in, He straightened the path, He put things right. Think of the great David, a great sinner , and then a great saint. The Lord knows. When the Lord tells us, ‘With eternal love, I have loved you,’ He is referring to this. The Lord has been thinking of us for many generations – of each and every one of us.”

No man is an island. We are all part of a beautiful mosaic. How beautiful it is to pray for our family. One of the ways that Lord works it all out, He steps in, He straightened the path, He puts things right. 

When we pray for our family God is using our prayer to heal the past. Jesus heals not only the recent past but also the distant past. It is my thought that when the past is healed, it is not uncommon for the present to be healed. 

No Man is an Island,


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