Father Stefan reviews 12 years a slave

The year is 1841, Solomon is a free black man living in Saratoga Springs, New York. He accept a job playing the violin at a function in Washington DC. However, the next morning he finds himself in chains. He is sent to New Orleans and given the name Platt. 

Platt is an educated man. He quickly learns that simply being able to read and write will get him 100 lashes on the back. One of the things that most most struck me was how the plantation owner lead bible school for the slaves. One even quoted the verse, “The slave who knew his master will but did not do it will get a severe beating.” The slave owner liken himself to God. There is a crop failure. The slave owner believes it is caused by the sins of the slaves. 

Platt works on two plantations. The first plantation owner show more kindness, but no amount of kindness erases the sin of slavery. The second plantation owner is a monster. 

Platt never loses his self worth. I kept asking myself the question, if I were a slave in this terrible situation would I have surrendered my dignity? The majority of the slaves kept their dignity. 

In the end, Solomon obtains his freedom by getting a letter sent to his family and friends up north. He eventually finds himself back at home. He lectures at the universities and does what he can to free slaves through the under ground railroad.

Father Stefan gives the movie 5 stars





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