Jesus gives us a new pair of glasses by Fr Stefan , Take a moment and put on your ‘Faith Glasses’

What is faith? Faith is a pair of glasses that Jesus gives you. Most of us don’t wear our ‘Faith Glasses.’ These glasses make us see the world as it is truly is. When we don’t have our ‘Faith Glasses’ on the world looks like a desert, dry and empty and without color. When we put on our ‘Faith Glasses’ we see bright and radiant colors, angels and springs. We see life and happiness and Joy. 

Jesus is saying to you. Everything you need, I have already given you. I have given you my son Jesus. The Kingdom of God is within You. Stop seeking and start receiving. 

Take a moment and put on your ‘Faith Glasses’ and see the world as it truly is full of color and life. 

Parable,There was a boy who felt alone and abandoned. he wondered where God was. He wondered if there was truly a magical land. A magical land that he loved to visit in his book. One day as he was walking through the woods he came across a little dog. The little boy followed the little dog until he lead him to a pair of glasses. The little boy picked up the glasses and decided to wear them. The moment he wore them he saw that the world was full of color light and beauty. As the boy walked around the forest with his magical pair of glasses the world looked so beautiful. And than the boy saw the most beautiful sight of all, something more beautiful than he had ever seen before, the little boy saw Jesus standing next to him. 

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