Fr Stefan reflects again on Pope Francis and Mercy

Pope Francis wrote, “At Buenos Aires – I am speaking of another priest – there was a famous confessor: he was Sacramentino. Almost all the clergy went to confession to him. When, one of the two times that he came, John Paul II asked for a confessor in the Nunciature, he went to him. He was elderly, very elderly … He was Provincial of his Order, professor … but always a confessor, always. And he always had the queue there, in the church of the Most Holy Sacrament. At that time, I was Vicar General and I lived in the Curia and, every morning, early, I turned the fax on to see if there was anything. And on Easter morning I read a fax of the Superior of the community: “Yesterday, half an hour before the Easter Vigil, Father Aristi was missing, — he was 94 – or 96? – years old. The funeral will be on this day ….” And on Easter morning I had to go to lunch with the priests of the Rest Home – I did so usually at Easter — — and then — I said to myself – after lunch I’ll go to the church. It was a large church, very large, with a most beautiful crypt. I went down to the crypt and there was the coffin, only two elderly women were there praying, but no flowers. I thought: but this man, who has forgiven the sins of the entire clergy of Buenos Aires, also mine, does not have even one flower … I went out and went to a florist shop – because there are flower shops at intersections, on the streets, in places where there are people – and I bought flowers, roses. And I went back and began to arrange the coffin well, with flowers …. And I saw the Rosary he had in hand  … and immediately there came to my mind  — that thief that we all have inside, no?  –, and while I fixed the flowers I took hold of the cross of the Rosary, and with some force I detached it. And in that moment I looked at him and I said: “Give me half of your mercy.” I felt something strong which gave me the courage to do this and to make this prayer! And then, I put that cross here, in my pocket. The Pope’s shirts don’t have pockets, but I always carry here a small cloth case and since that day up to today, that cross is with me. And when I have an evil thought against someone, my hand always comes here, always. And I feel the grace! I feel that it does me good. How much good does the example of a merciful priest, of a priest who comes close to the wounds.  …”

The Holy Spirit inspired Pope Francis to take hold of the cross from the rosary and detached it. He prayed, “give me half of your mercy.” Pope Francis carries the cross of this holy priest and when he has an evil though against someone he touches the cross and feels the Mercy of God.

Every time we might have an evil though about someone let us touch the Cross. It is from the Cross of Christ that we receive Mercy.

Pope Francis writes, “Think of the many priests who are in heaven and ask them for this grace.” How beautiful. Jesus I ask all the priests in Heaven to obtain the grace that I might be merciful. I pray every day to Fr Lubay.  I ask him to show me the way to pray for healing for others with greater love.

Today in prayer ask the many priests who are in Heaven for the grace to truly have a merciful heart. 



One thought on “Fr Stefan reflects again on Pope Francis and Mercy”

  1. Father Stefan, The news media does not always give you the full story (Truth).
    This is so Beautiful and so True when evil is around us. Thank you for the guiding us and may you walk with the Lord. Today and always is for God. Peg

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