Jesus and the Devil

Pope Francis told Argentinian bishops “There’ll be trouble if the devil robs me of a single soul!” He was quoting his countryman, Blessed Jose Brochero. He praised the “Gaucho Priest” for going out to his people to preach the Gospel, saying he wasn’t content to sit in a Parish office. “With God’s help, he overcame those inner forces that the devil uses to chain us to comfort, to the search for fleeting pleasure, to the lack of incentive to work.” We need to be that serious about the salvation of souls.

This is a great quote. Pope Francis is saying the devil needs to worry if he robs me of a single soul. Jesus says, “He who is in you in greater than he who is in the world.” St Therese the little flower said that the devil is afraid of a little girl.

You have the victory over the devil and do not be afraid. 


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