Pope Francis and Confession ‘A Father that Celebrates’

Pope write writes, “Our Father awaits us, Our Father forgives us; moreover, He celebrates. if you go to Him with your whole life, also with many sins, instead of reproving you He celebrates: this is our Father.”

Is this our image of God the Father? How often we reprove people, by our eyes, a hurtful word. Our Father does not reprove us. Our Father embrace us. Pope Francis writes, “Our Father never tires of loving us and his eyes do not grow heavy in looking at the road home, to see if his son who went away and was lost has returned…He leaves the door open for us, but he awaits us.” 

When we go through the door of God’s Mercy we are embraced by God the Father. He puts his arms around us. He throws a party when we come to him. Scripture tells us that even the angels rejoice and throw a party when we come back to the Father. 

Question of the day. Is this your image of God the Father? Can we image the Father celebrating when we come back to Him? This verse from a song keeps coming to me this Lent, “Come back to me with all your heart don’t let fear keep us apart.”


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