Pope Francis There no one like you

In his general audience on Wednesday Pope Francis was greeted by one audience member shouting, “Francis, there’s no one like you!” With characteristic humility, the pope responded in the best possible way.

“You, too,” Pope Francis cried back to the man. “There’s nobody like you, too! There are no two people like you!”

Jacques Philippe in his recent book, ‘Thirsting for Prayer’ writes, ” The essence of our personality consists of two realities that we are called to discover progressively. Simple, but containing inexhaustible richness, they are the unique love that God had for each of us, individually, and the unique love we can have for him. Prayer and the meeting with God make us discover God’s unique love for us. It is a deep aspiration of every man (and, still more, every woman!) to feel uniquely loved….This is what the Father’s love bring about. Each of us can experience that is his eyes that we are loved, chosen by God, in an extremely personal way.”

There is no one like you. You are unique and precious to God. I often say thank God there is not another Fr Stefan. What a world we would have if everyone was like me. Don’t want to even imagine the possibilities. We are all like flowers in the garden of God. St Therese said what makes a garden beautiful is that there is an incredible variety of flowers in God’s garden.



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