Father Bob Bebard and how to renew a parish

 I greatly admire Father Bob Bedard. I am rereading his book, ‘Reflection of a Veteran Priest.’ Father Bob gives 4 guidelines on how to renew a parish. 

1 Give the Lord permission to do what he wants and in his own time. Don’t initiate anything. Simply do the ordinary things a pastor is expected to do. Put away the programs and invite God himself to set the agenda. Stop trying so hard to make things happen and let the lord go to work.

2 Wait and observe. This is the most difficult of the keys, the toughest assignment. Once we get our heads around the notion of permission, it’s actually quite an easy thing to do. Waiting it out with the Lord can be agony. But wait we must. And watch.

3 Once the initiative of the Lord is discernible, point it out to the people. Explain it. Put it in some kind of perspective for them.

4 Support the Lord’s initiative. Gather resources around it. Get ready to move faster as the Holy Spirit takes off. Make no apologies for what the Lord is doing, Cheer him on. Let the people know how enthused you are about what God is accomplishing.

Father Bob writes, “If we invite him to, God will move. If we place no conditions upon him, he will move in power. What he does may not be quite what we are expecting. But we have to stop trying to set the Lord’s agenda. My impression is he wants very much to write his own script. We will have to support whatever he does and make no apologies for it.”

To all of this I say a BIG AMEN

If you agree give a BIG AMEN


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