Words of wisdom from Father Bob Bedard founder of Companions of the Cross

Every morning I ask father Bob to guide and teach me. Here is today word of wisdom from his book, ‘Reflection of a Veteran Priest.’

Father Bob writes, “We have dozens of visitors every year. There are priests and seminarians as well as other considering the call. At times, we are very crowed. The visitors stay for varying periods of time, for a day or two up to a week or more. Virtually all are here to check out the community. Most are impressed. Here at the house, we wonder about it all. We don’t really consider ourselves terribly impressive. We live a rather simple life. We pray together for forty minutes or so from the Prayer of the Church four evening a week before supper. We gather for supper most nights. Each of us is in a small small group that meet once a week for praise, sharing and prayer for each one, Each house has one evening a month for some kind of recreation. Many of the priests take a common day off and usually find different things to do together, The rest of time is spent either in ministry (the ordained) or studies (the non-ordained). Simple enough. Not too complicated. Nothing spectacular, really. Yet many call it impressive….Most of the visitors would say something like ‘I really wish there was a community of this kind in our diocese…A shortage of vocations to the priesthood? I don’t believe it for a minute. Not any more. The calls and letters we get, the many inquires, the parade of visitors- all of this tells us quite the opposite. Call is calling plenty of young men and quite a few not so young, to the priesthood today. The problem is that most of them are saying ‘no’. They are turning down the invitation. But if these people could see structures under which they know they could thrive-places where they could be effectively supported, loved, affirmed, called forth, challenged- they would be signing up in droves. Come to think of it, maybe it is impressive.”

If you agree with Father Bob say Amen 


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