Father Stefan reflects on the world of angels Can Spirit move Matter?

The more I read about advancements in the world of physics the more I see a theology of angels. I am currently reading a book by Michio Kaku. He is the co founder of string field theory. He writes, ” Cathy Hutchinson is trapped inside her body. She was paralyzed fourteen years ago by a massive stroke. A quadriplegic, she is like a thousand of ‘locked-in’ patients who have lost control over most of their muscles and bodily functions. Most of the day, she lies helpless, requiring continual nursing care, yet her mind is clear. She is a patient in her own body. But in May 2012, her fortunes changed radically. Scientists at Brown University placed a tiny chip on top of her brain, called Braingate, which is connected by wires to a computer. Signals from her brain are relayed through the computer to a mechanical arm so that it can for instance, grab a bottled drink and bring it to her mouth, For the first time, she is able to have some control of the world around her.”

It does seem that we have some ability for the spirit to move matter. My point is that this might reflect the angelic world. Angels are pure spirit. Angels have power to move matter. Think of Easter Sunday when the two angels moved the stone from the entrance to the tomb.

Michio Kake writes, “Some critics, however, have claimed that these telekinetic powers have one great limitation: the lack of energy. In the movie, super beings have the power to move mountains using their thoughts. In the movie X-Men: The last Stand, the supper villain Magneto had the ability to move the Golden Gate bridge simply by pointing his finger, but the human body can muster only about one-fifth of a horsepower on average (He writes in another place this is roughly the power to light a lower power light fixture any thing more powerful would fry the body) which is much to little power to perform the feats we see in the comic books. Therefore, all the herculean feats of telekinetic super beings appear to be pure fantasy. There is one solution to this energy problem, however. You may be able to connect your thoughts to a power source, which would than magnify your powers millions of times.

Might this be a reflection of the angelic world? Angels are pure spirit. They communicate to each other and us by thoughts. They think something and it happens. Angels don’t communicate like we do. They have no lips. They are connected to a power source that is a least a million times greater than anything we have.


2 thoughts on “Father Stefan reflects on the world of angels Can Spirit move Matter?”

  1. I believe that Angels can do anything that God wants them to do, and that would include moving things………..I also believe that my Angel can go talk to other angels, and that Mary’s Legion of Angels can do fantastic feats.

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