Father Stefan reflects on reading of day, June 9 “Let the Raven feed You.”

We read in the first reading, “The Lord then said to Elijah: ‘leave here, and go east and hide in the Wadi Cherith, east of the Jordan. You shall drink of the stream, and I have commanded ravens to feed you there.’ So he left and did as the Lord had commanded. He went and remained by the Wadi Cherith, east of the Jordan. Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning, and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the stream.” (1Kings 17:1-3)

We read in the life of Saint Dominic. “One day there was no food in the friary, St Dominic trusted in Divine Providence and summoned all the brethren to refectory. The table was prepared, dishes and cups were placed and, as the friars say down, Br. Henry the Roman began to read, as was the custom during meals. Saint Dominic, with his hands on the table, bowed his head and began to pray. As the Saints’s biographer writes:

Suddenly two beautiful young men appeared in the midst of the refectory, carrying loaves in two white cloths which hung from their shoulders before and behind. They began to distribute the bread, beginning at the lower rows, one at the right hand and the other at the left, placing before each brother one whole loaf of admirable beauty. Then, when they came to blessed Dominic, and had in like manner placed loaf before him, they bowed their heads and disappeared, without any one knowing, even to this day, when they came or whither they went.”

We find a cute story in the life of Blessed Mariam, the Lily of Palestine, one day an angel came to her. The angel gave her a taste from a bowl of soup. The wonderful taste of that soup stayed was with her for her entire life. She would often say, ‘Just to have a taste of that soup again.” She tasted the heavenly banquet. This reminded me of when I smelled the heavenly roast beef. 

Jesus will always provide for our needs if we put our faith in him. Jesus will send ravens and saints to provide for you. Do you believe that Jesus will provide for all of your needs?


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