Let God Surprise You

Pope Francis writes, “Be careful, If the Church is alive, she must always surprise. To surprise is typical of the living Church. A Church that no longer has the capacity to surprise is a weak, sick and dying church, that must be brought into the emergency room and resuscitated as soon as possible!”

During the mass and healing service we have a banner that says, ‘Let God surprise you.’ Our God is a God of surprises. The Holy Spirit wants to surprise you. Jesus asks us to become like little children. Little children have the capacity to be surprised. Pope Francis writes, “A fundamental element of Pentecost is surprise.”

Let God surprise you has been a motto for the mass and healing services for years. Sometime we need to be reminded that God has many blessing for us. Sometimes we get so used to the our aches and pains. We get so used to the daily routine that we can lose our wonder at what God wants to do in our life, church and hearts. 

Here is a beautiful prayer to Mary

“O Mary, My mother and Our lady of Surprises, what a happy joy you caused the wedding guests, when you asked your Divine Son to work the miracle of water into wine. What a happy surprise for them since they though the wine had run dry. I, too, Mary, love surprises and as your child, may I ask you to favor me with one today? I ask this only because you are a caring mother.”

May we never put the Holy Spirit in a box. The Holy Spirit wants to surprise you. 

May we see you at the mass and healing service tonight at St Timothy. And Let God surprise you. 



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