Reflections on the Gospel Today ‘The Kingdom of God is at Hand.” June 11

“Jesus said to the twelve: ‘As you go, make this proclamation: ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand.’ Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons.” (Mat 10:8)

We read in the catechism, “Jesus accompanies his words with many ‘mighty works and wonders and signs.’ which manifest that the kingdom is present in him and attest that he was the promised Messiah.” (547)….Christ’s kingdom already manifest its presence through the miraculous signs that attend it proclamation by the Church.” (670)

Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God. The kingdom is here in seed form. That means that the reality of Heaven begins with Jesus. The sick being healed, raising the dead, cleanse lepers and driving out demons are signs that Heaven is here today. Jesus expects the twelve to work miracles. 

Francis MacNutt in his book, ‘Healing’ writes, “Jesus was simply giving them the power to preach the same message of Good News that he himself preached. That message was not merely a doctrine; it contained the very power of God liberating man from his wretched state he was in. They were preaching as their Master preached: Jesus made the crowds welcome, ‘and talked to them about the Kingdom of God; and he cured those who were in need of healing.'”(Lk 9:11)

Miracles and healing are essential elements of the Good News. Miracles show us that the Kingdom of God has indeed come in Jesus. The very word Jesus means, ‘God saves’, Jesus came to save our bodies and souls. Francis MacNutt writes, “The healing acts of Jesus were themselves the message that he had come to set men free; they were not just to prove that his message was true. In a very basic sense, his medium was the message. The sign of salvation was that men were being saves, restored to all that they had lost.” 

 Miracles show us that our bodies and soul are meant for Heaven. That even now we are temples of the Holy Spirit.  


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