The Church is “Mama’ House

Pope Francis writes, ” The role of the Church, the Holy Father stressed, is to be a “Mama’s House,” with tenderness and compassion. It is to constantly welcome, and never to ‘close doors.’ The Church must keep its door open,” he said. He said to never exclude anyone, but be open to all, as this is the call of the “maternal” Church. He stressed that the Church must “welcome” and accept all. “

Here is a gospel song that always brings tears to my eyes.

“Though you’ld like to know 

All those night you paced the floor

Praying that I would make it home alright

Believing in God that he would someday save my soul

Well, he did, just though you’ld like to know.

Then I though you’ld like to know

All those prayers you prayed for me,

Never a-one fell to the ground, I know

Sometimes it look like I was a million miles from grace

But he answered your prayers, just though you’s like to know

Oh Momma I want you to know I love you

Please forgive me for all the times I broke your heart

Every tear you cried for me, drew me closer too being

Free, and I want too thank you, just though you’ld like to know

Then I though you’ld like to know

That I wish I could live my life again,

If i could, I would surely make amends, and If I could help

My brother, a new life to discover, oh I would, 

Just though you’ld like to know”

Pope Francis refers to the Church as ‘Mama’ House. I think of the wonderful mommas who are always are there for their children. No matter what they do momma loves them. How many mommas in the inner city watch their kids suffer with drugs, gangs and crime? She always loves them with a open heart. Momma’s door is always open. Momma always has a warm hug and good meal. Momma loves her children even if they are a million miles from grace.

The Church is Mama’s House. 


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