You have the key

This evening went to a house for dinner. A fine young man was there. He was telling me about his life and work. He has written songs for movies. He just recorded a song with Wynoona Judd.

I was talking to him about this weekend gospel. The first reading is about an angel freeing Peter. The Gospel is about Jesus giving the keys to Peter to bind and loose.

I gave Matthew the words, angel, keys and bind and loose. Gave him 3 minutes to come up with a song using these words.

So Here it is, drums beat….think of 80’s song beat, ‘Every Rose has it Thorn.’

As messenger for the people of God

Angels signify not only God’s unbound love

But God’s concern as human being

Transcending into Heaven, we don’t always go unbound

At times we arrive binded by our circumstance

But it is up to us  to understand the keys to life

Often delivered by angels to protect us, 

Not only from ourselves but from those we are destined to meet on the other side,

Do not be afraid of your shackles

And don’t take for granted your freedom

Simply understand we all have the keys to our own heavenly destiny.

Author Matthew Green

P.S. from Fr Stefan You are the captain of your ship. You have the key. 

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