Today cancelled My XM

I loved listening to my XM. I just though I didn’t need it. I kept my dial on the 80’s. Today I called to cancel it today. Mostly, I like to listen to CD’s.

To sign up it is easily. You call and they take your credit card number and you are on the system. Easy 2 minutes.

To cancel sightly more difficult.

1-You call and get a recording,
2-Someone picks up the phone you tell them you want to cancel
3-Told that this is not the person you want to talk to
4-On hold for 10 minutes
5-Transfer to another person tell person you want to cancel. Told that you need to talk to another person to cancel
6-On hold for 15 minutes
7-This person tell you that he/she can cancel your XM
but before we take this step. How about another year for half off? Say No. How about 6 months for half off? Say no.
8-Just want to be clear. I want out of this
9-Person says, ‘No Problem’ just give us your credit card info so we can process the closing cost.
10-Confirm e-mail to get notice that it has all be processed.
11-See email.
12-Total time between 30 minutes and 2 hours

PS- XM is great. Love listening to the 80. Just stressing the point that it easy to sign up but much more difficult to get out of. So with this point in mind. Next time you are at the shopping mall and the clerk says, “Do you want to sign up for our special credit card? It is easy and you get 50% percent off your first purchase. All we need is your credit card info.” Just remember this blog. And rethink, ‘Do I want to get into this?’


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