Greeting from Portland Maine

Greeting from Portland Maine. Today waiting for Father Ed. Meet him at the catheral on Sunday. He is 3 weeks ordained. He is going to drive me to Soco about 45 minutes away. There is a retreat center there. It occured to me yesterday that my bishop does his yearly retreat with a bunch of other bishops in Maine at a reatreat house on the beach in July. I am just curious if he will be there. If so will  say, ‘Hi.”

Went on a 4 hour whale watching tour. Saw a Minki Whale, some dolphins and cool ocean stuff. The weather was great. Yesterday evening 68 with a breeze. Portland is very beautiful. The art musecum is amazing. There was a collection of painting by Richard Estes. Never heard of him before. He painting are incredible. He takes a photograpgh and piants it. The details are incredible. You know that it is a pianting, with the artists impression of the photograph. But the mixture of the realism of the photogragh and the the details of the artist make for an intersting mix. Also the art museum had all the famous painters that you would see at the art musecums in Washington DC, New York and the like….

Yesterday, watched the world cup game, good game. Mostly, I walked around looking at the stores and finding a place to read and look at the water. Right now I am reading, ‘In the Redeeming Christ’ by F. X, Durrwell. I found it at the local catholic shop. There is some great insights into Jesus and the spiritual life.

I look forward to seeing the beaches in Maine. I am told this reatreat hosue in right on the beach. The beaches here are not like the beached in NC, NJ Florida. They are rocky coasts, very beautiful and the water is a cool 62 even in July.

Blessing from Maine, Father Stefan



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