Thought for the day, Can you always pray for healing?

Francis MacNutt in his book, ‘Healing’ writes, ” How then are we to regard sickness basically? Is God’s will ordinarily sickness-or is it health? If it is health, does God heal man’s body with a power beyond the natural resources of medicine and health care? Personally, I believe that the attitude of most Christians today in regard to healing is more shaped by pagan thought than by Christianity-that most sermons on sickness and suffering reflect more the influence of Roman stoicism than the doctrine of the Church’s Founder.”

Can we always pray for healing? The answer is yes. God is always on the side of healing. God’s will is always to heal. While it is true that God’s will is always to heal. It is also true that he might not heal us in the way that we desire. Here is an example. Who is more healed. A man with a perfectly fit body who can run a marathon, but his heart is full of bitterness? Or a man who is confined to a wheelchair but his heart is full of love, mercy and compassion? The world would say that first man is healthy while the second man is sick. God sees the man in the wheelchair as more healthy than the man who can run a marathon. In a real way, we need conversion on what it means to be healed.

Francis writes, “So anyone who hopes to pray for the sick should realize that there are three basic kinds of sickness, each requiring a different kind of prayer:
1-Sickness of our spirit, caused by our own personal sin.
2-Emotional sickness and problems (anxiety) caused by the emotional hurts of our past.
3-Physical sickness in our bodies, caused by disease or accidents.

Consequently, there are at least four basic prayer methods we must understand in order to exercise a complete healing ministry.
1-Prayer for repentance (for personal sin)
2-Prayer for inner healing (healing of memories for emotional problems)
3- Prayer for physical healing (for physical sickness)
4- Prayer for deliverance (exorcism for demonic oppression)

Though for the day. You can always pray for healing. God is a God of healing. When we pray for healing we always experience healing.


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