Feast of Saint Dominic Aug 8

Bert Ghezzi writes in his book, ‘Mystics and Miracles’ ‘Saint Dominic was a carefully crafted arrow strategically aimed at the thirteenth century. ‘Carefully crafted’ because his education and training specifically prepared him for a life’w work he did not anticipate. ‘Strategically aimed’ because he struck at the heart of the problems affecting the Church and the world of his day. And history shows that he was right on target.
Joan of Aza, Dominic’s mother, was a remarkable woman on her own account. Later beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, she had several vision that predicted her son’s significant work. Before Dominic was born, she dreamed that she would bear a son who would be a light to the Church. During her pregnancy, Joan also dreamed that she bore a dog in her womb and that it broke away from her, carrying in its mouth a burning torch by which it set fire to the world. (Did you know that the order that Dominic founded the Dominicans means the dogs of God?)
Dominic was born in 1170 at Caleruega in Castile. Just before his baptism, Joan has a third prophetic dream. On her baby’s forehead appeared a bright star that enlightened the world.”

Here is one of the many miracles that Dominic worked in his life, ” Dominic had the corpse carried to the chapel. Then he assembled the cardinals, nuns and friars and celebrated Mass. When he finished he stood over Napoleon’s broken body and straightened his limbs. Dominic blessed the corpse, and with his hands raised to heaven he shouted, ‘Napoleon, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, arise.’ Immediately, in the view of many reliable witness, the young man arose, sound and whole. amazed and delighted, the cardinals and many other embraced him affectionately.”

St Dominic pray for us and pray for the renewal of the Church in our day.


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