Jesus the Eagle Wisdom and the Storm

In the Gospel today Jesus calms the storm. In the midst of the storms in our life we need the gift of wisdom. Wisdom gives us peace when we are in the middle of any storm. In another Gospel, Jesus is sleeping in the boat in the middle of the storm. How could Jesus sleep in the middle of the storm? He could sleep because he had the gift of wisdom.

Cardinal Martini, in his book, ‘The gifts of the Holy Spirit’ writes ” Wisdom is the gift that enables us to see all with the eyes of God, with his gaze, to see to see all from ‘On high.’…It enables us to see things not from the perspective given us by a single piece of information or intellectual light but rather by divine instinct, by connaturality, (which is, as we said before, by something natural to us.) St Thomas Aquinas, speaking of the gifts of the Spirit, use often the expression: as by divine instinct. We see as by divine instinct because we are in Jesus who is at the centre, and we are in God who is above all. The understanding by connaturality for this reason can be compared to taste and is called ‘wisdom’- which means precisely flavour, something with flavour or taste. We experience it as soon as we notice that a decision or a choice is or is not according to the Kingdom of God. But we notice it through supernatural instinct. Just as I know that a food is sweet or savoury not by reasoning, nor by chemical analysis of the components of the salt or sugar, but rather by the reaction of my taste buds, so similarly, the Christian moved by the Spirit realizes that  something is or is not according to the plan of God, that it is alright or not alright, that it is in conformity or is not in conformity with the Gospel. And they notice it by way of the heart than by way of the mind.”

Wisdom is some thing that we taste. Scripture says, “taste and see that the Lord is Good.” The author is talking about the gift of wisdom.

The symbol of wisdom is the eagle. When an eagle see a storm coming he is able to fly above the storm. Eagle can fly up to heights of 35,000 thousand feet. So they fly above the storm. When we have the gift of wisdom we are at peace in the middle of any storm because we see everything from the viewpoint of God.

Thought for the day: Pray for the gift of wisdom today.


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