The Maze fr Stefan reflection on this Sunday Gospel “Aug 30”

Jesus says to Peter, ‘You are an obstacle to me’

He stood before the maze. He was as big as a mouse as he looked at the Huge Walls

The walls towered in every direction.

He formed a plan to scale the walls. He spent years finding the cracks to climb over the walls.

However, he never could climb over or dig under the walls

So he walked deeper into the maze

He saw a huge barrier in front of him

He decided to make a bridge over the barrier

However after many years he lacked the hope/rope he needed

So he never made it over the barrier

He finally found himself resisting a strong wind

He fought the winds but he never  was strong enough

Finally in desperation he went down a narrow path

He was sad that he wasn’t strong enough to climb over the wall, or smart enough to make a bridge, or powerful enough to walk against the wind

As he walked down the narrow way He saw a face

It was the face of Jesus

Jesus said to the little boy, the wall, barrier and wind were not obstacles at all. I put them there so that you would find me.

At that the young man sat down and open up his favorite prayer book and read these words, “When someone is in a difficult situation, the most important thing to do, and the most liberating, is not to resolve the situation- something often beyond the person’s capacity- but to understand and follow the call present in the situation”

With that the young man understood that what looked like obstacles were really Jesus guiding and protecting him



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