reflection of Gospel and Healing Fr Stefan From Fr Barron book ‘bridging the Great Divide’

Father Robert Barron in his book ‘Bridging the Great Divide’, writes ” When the first Christians sought to name the significance of Jesus, one of the words they chose was soter, rendered in Latin as salvator, the bearer of the salus or health. This idea is wonderfully conveyed in the Johannine narrative of the man born blind. Born blind, this unfortunate is evocative of all of us born in the blindness of sin. Jesus spits on the earth and makes a mud paste (a sort of salve) and rubs it into the man’s sightless eyes. Augustine’s magnificent commentary is that the spittle represents divinity and the earth humanity, so that when the two come together in the Incarnation a healing balm is created that gives sight to the collective blindness of the race.”

The word salvation means to make whole.  Healing flows from the Incarnation itself. Jesus came to bring us health. Jesus came to restore the likeness of God that we lost through original sin. Jesus came to heal.

Thought for the day: Pope Francis is calling the Church to recapture this beautiful image of Jesus as a healer when he describes the Church as a field hospital.



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