here is something cool , being led by the Spirit

A friend of mine just got back from Rome. She went to Rome because she felt led to go by the Holy Spirit. Pope Francis gathered people from over over the world to talk about the letter, ‘Joy of the Gospel.’ Pope Francis wants this document to be implemented in the Church.

There were thousands of people at the conference, but only 30 people from North America. While, she was at the conference she went to the chapel to pray. She felt the Holy Spirit telling her to write a letter to Pope Francis about an idea that the Holy Spirit placed on her heart.

She mailed the letter. The priest who ran the conference came up to her, and referenced the letter that she wrote to the pope. He said that it was because of the letter that she was chosen to represent all of North America in meeting the pope. It is not a long shot to think that Pope Francis read her letter.

What did she write in the letter. She suggested that the Church ought to have a group of people who are able to discern charisms in the Body of Christ.

Charisms, community and evangelization all go together. There will be no new evangelization in the world without using the charisms. There will be no proper use of charisms without community.

The Holy Spirit is saying to the Church, charisms, community and the new evangelization are 3 legs of the stool. We need all three.


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