Pope Francis Guardian angels

Pope Francis wrote, “Ask yourself this question today: How is my relationship with my guardian angel? Do I listen to him? Do I say good morning to him in the morning? Do I ask him: Watch over me when I sleep?’. Do I speak with him? Do I ask his advice? He is by my side. We can answer this question today, each of us: how is our relationship with this angel that the Lord has sent to watch over me and accompany me on my journey, and who always sees the face of the Father who is in heaven.”

George Huber, in his book, ‘My Angel will go before you’, writes, “John XXIII revealed how Pius XI recommended devotion to the guardian angels to the diplomatic representatives of the Holy SEE…During one his visit to the Vatican, Monsignor Roncalli was given ‘a marvellous secret’ by Pius XI, to help him in his work in the Balkans-active recourse to the angels. A source of continuous joy to those whom he protects, ‘the pope explained to his future successor, ‘he smooths out difficulties and defeats oppositions. Whenever we have to speak with someone who is rather closed to our argument and with whom therefore the conversation needs to be very persuasive, we go to our guardian angel.’…John XXIII attributed the inspiration to call the Second Vatican Council to his guardian angel.”

Thought for the day: so many pictures show children with their guardian angel. However, our guardian angel never leaves our side. We ought to call on him everyday to guide and protect us. We need our guardian angel through out our entire life.

Here is a devotion that came to me. Every time I see or hear the word, ‘Angel’ I pray the angel of God prayer. I recommend this devotion to you as well.


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