Reflection by Pope Francis on the Gospel Oct 12

Pope Francis said “There are many who are invited, but something surprising happens. None of those chosen decides to go to the celebration. They have other things to do. Moreover, some show indifference and even annoyance…God is good to us. He freely offers us his friendship. He offers his joy, salvation. But so often we don’t welcome his gifts. We put our material preoccupations, our own interests, in first place. In the face of rejection, the king sends his servants to collect anyone they can find for the celebration.
These are the common people, the poor, the abandoned, the disinherited, even ‘good ones and bad ones. Even the evil are invited, without distinction…And the banquet hall is filled with these ‘excluded ones.’ The Gospel, rejected by some, finds a surprising welcome in so many hearts…the goodness of God does not have limits and does not discriminate against anyone and there that is no justification for feeling privileged…All of this moves us to overcome the habit of placing ourselves comfortably at the center.”

Thoughts for the day: Jesus walked and talked with sinners. The outcast felt comfortable in the presence of Jesus.

Question of the day: Do I look down on others? Do I make myself the judge of those I deem morally unfit? Do I place myself comfortably at the center?

As I was getting coffee at a local eatery today. I meet a man who was down on his luck. I sat with him as he had a smoke. He had started going to Church 6 weeks ago because he needed God. Last week, he came to Church at midnight and sat outside the locked doors of the Church, and prayed to God. As he sat there a member of the parish who happened to be leaving the adoration chapel told him loudly to leave. He left. However, he still brings his dad to Church now every Sunday.


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