The Veil, Saint Therese and the Angels

The highest angels have 3 sets of wings
One set of wings cover the feet
Another set of wings cover the face
The third set of wings are for flight
The angel’s wings cover their face like a veil
Saint Therese the little flower with her long back hair covered her face
Nature had given her a veil to shield her face from God
Saint Therese is like the highest angels, in that her face is behind a veil
Saint Therese hair was the veil that she wore to cover her face on her wedding day
Saint Therese is more a bride of Christ than the angels
Because on her wedding day she moves the veil of her hair to see her groom face to face
In seeing the divine groom face to face she is raised above the angels
Saint Therese is a hidden sacrifice that burns like a candle before the throne of God


One thought on “The Veil, Saint Therese and the Angels”

  1. How providential that I should surf the net to this entry about St. Therese; I am a devotee of St. Therese and now of St. Stephen as well.

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