Let God Surprise You

I just finished reading the book, ‘Wild at Heart.’ The book inspired me to go out and purchase a painting of a mountain. God often reveals himself on top of a mountain. As I scanned my office I found a place where I would place the painting. However, I never got around to buying one today. So I figured I will find a painting at a later date.

This evening I was checking my mail box. I saw a huge box with my name on the box. I borrowed a pocket knife and opened the box. Guess what I found? A painting of a person looking down into a valley with mountains in the background. Was curious who sent it. The note in the box thanked me for helping them, and how they felt inspired to paint me this picture.

It struck me that this is the painting that God wanted me to have. It is someone looking down from top of a mountain into the valley with the faint image of mountains in the horizon.

The painting is a reminder that we serve a living, passionate, wild God.

Let God surprise you


4 thoughts on “Let God Surprise You”

  1. Yes, very Cool!!! Thanks Father Stefan for sharing this. What a beautiful gift from this person and from our loving God. God Bless you and have a Beautiful Day with the Lord, Peg

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