cool story about Padre Pio

Today anointed a 103 year old woman, telling person in parish about this and she shared this cool story about her grandfather. When he was a boy he grew up in the same town as Padre Pio in Italy, and when he was 5 Padre Pio prophesized over him. Padre Pio told the young boy of 5 when you are 8 you will get very sick but will not die, and when you are 30 you will be very sick and well not die. You will be neither rich or poor, and you will give much of what you have away, and you will die in 94. The lady went on to say that when her grandfather was 8 a cart fell on him, and he almost died, and when he was 30 got scarlet fever and almost died. He and his wife came to the US and ran a grocery store where they gave much of what they had away during the depression. So at 93 years of age they remembered Padre Pio saying he would die at 94. However, He lived to 97. But the families realized that the year he died was 1994. Padre Pio prophesized not his age but the year of his death. Good story


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