Discover 13 century manuscript Summa written Fr Stefan, question 1a, par 3 prima sencundus 1.4

This ancient manuscript dealt with the question do dog go to heaven?

Question 1a, par 3 prima sencundus 1.4 Fr Stefan dealt with this question.
Objections, since St Leo the Great said only man has an immortal soul, only man and woman shall enter into Heaven
Objections 2 since the creations of the world there must 10 of trillions of ants, earthworms does every ant and earth worm it would seen that this would not be so.

Regarding Objections number 1, we read how both Aristotle and Plontius said that all living things have a soul, animals have a animal soul, plants have a plant soul, and man has a man soul.

Therefore St Paul says that all of creation groan and will be set free and share in the glorious freedom of the children of God. It follows that as we read in Genesis that man and woman was created on the 6th day. That man and woman are the crown of creation it will follow that the man and woman fully sharing in the redemption of Jesus Christ it will follow that creation will likewise share in that redemption of man and woman.

Regarding Objection number 2, we will argue that it flows that creation will share in the glorious freedom of the sons of God, and while we concede that it might be possible that every ants, earth worm that every lived might not be in Heaven, (However holding out that this might be the case) we look to Plato and his theory of Ideas and being. Plato held that the perfect form was in Heaven which creations on earth reflect this perfect form in Heaven. A flower that you might see walking to Church reflects the perfect flower in Heaven. following this line of reasoning from Plato we hold that it is consistent with tradition that there is a perfect dog, cat tree… in Heaven. Therefore there will be animals in Heaven.

It must, however, be argued that the principle of the resurrection of Man is different that what happens in the animal,plant Kingdom. Only man is created in the image and likeness of God. Also the Eucharist is the principle of the resurrection of man. Jesus says in John chapter 6, “He who eats my body and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up on the last day.” The Eucharist is the principal of resurrection and only man is worthy to receive the Eucharist it follow logically that man will rise in a essentially different way than animal plants creation. Creation will rise with man at the resurrection as it flows from the verse of St Paul about how all creation will share in the freedom of the son of God.

It also must be concluded that Heaven is a place of perfection. How can Heaven be perfect if Garfield the cat, Tony the Tiger, Alex from Strokes, Tigger and Poe are not there.

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