Teaching on Mary Woman of the Spirit full of Charisms in the Church from the ‘Soul Institute’

Brendan Leahy in his book, ‘The Marian Profile in the Ecclesiology of Hans Urs von Balthasar’ writes, “The great founders of Orders and others who have special missions from God proceed ‘like lightning from heaven and light up some unique point of God’s will for the Church.’ The ‘Church must receive them and herself embody their message.’ The saints with particular missions manifest ‘a new type of conformity to Christ inspired by the Holy Spirit and there a new illustration of how the gospel is to be lived…a new interpretation of revelation.’ Von Balthasar links these charisms with Mary, because the Holy Spirit overshadowed her at the annunciation and again at Pentecost. He writes of this fundamental charism in the Church, realized in Mary. In a way, he see her as full of charisms. The Marian charism is the fundamental charism providing the true and universal spirit at the basis of all the various charisms in the Church…Where Christianity appears not as a laboriously repeated doctrine but rather as a ‘breathtaking adventure.’ Wherever genuine renewal is taking place in today’s Church, the movement can be traced back to an outpouring from the prophetical, charismatic or mystical source.”

Mary is a woman filled with the Holy Spirit. We read in the catechism, “At the end of this mission of the Spirit, Mary became the Woman, the new Eve. Mother of the Living. The mother of the ‘whole Christ.’ As such, she was present with the Twelve, who ‘with one accord devoted themselves to prayer.’ at the dawn of the ‘end times’ which the Spirit was to inaugurate on the morning of Pentecost with the manifestation of the Church.” (726)

Mary as a woman filled with the Holy Spirit and every charisms desires to pour out the charisms on the Church. Every charism has a Marian aspect. At Pentecost Mary was there to call down the Holy Spirit on the faithful followers of Jesus. At the end of the Year may we ask Mary to pour out the charisms of the Holy Spirit upon us and the Church.

Mary Mother of all the Living
Mary filled with the Holy Spirit
I ask you today as you asked Jesus to send the charisms of the Holy Spirit down upon the faithful followers of Jesus at Pentecost
I ask you today at the end/the beginning of the new year to pour out the charims of the Holy Spirit upon me and every member of the Body of Christ


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