Teaching on the charisms from the ‘Soul Institute’ Charisms are as diverse as creation itself

John Paul II wrote, “There is an enormous range of charisms through which the Holy Spirit shares his charity and holiness with the Church, similar to the general economy of creation in which, as St Thomas observes, the one divine being give things a share in his infinite perfection (Summa Theol 11-11 q.183,a.2) These charisms are not in contrast with the hierarchical nature of the ministries and, in general, with the ‘offices’ which were also established for the unity, proper functioning and beauty of the Church. The hierarchical order and the entire ministerial structure of the Church are also under the action of the charism, as St Paul pointed out in his letter to Timothy: ‘Do not neglect the gift you received when, as a result of prophecy, the presbyters laid their hands on you.’ (1 Tim 4:14) ‘I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God bestowed when my hands were laid on you.(2 Tim 1:6)'”

The charisms of the Holy Spirit are as unique and diverse as creation itself. God gives all of creation a share in His infinite perfection. God pours out the richness of His gifts of the Holy Spirit in the same way. God desires that there their be great creativity in the Church. The gifts of the Holy Spirit that God gives each person in the Body of Christ is meant to reflect the richness of creation itself.

People often ask me, ‘How many charisms are there?’ In a certain sense each charism is as unique as the person who has the charism.

Here is the prayer for the Soul Institute

Release upon your Church, the diverse gifts of the your Spirit.
Grant that they may be received by open hearts, prepared and willing to cultivate
These charisms, given to all believers, each unique, each important in service to the Body of Christ.

Embolden us with your courage as we go forth, in the spirit of the first apostolic community, to spread the Good News to all people in all nations.

Bless our efforts in community with the peace, love, and the joy of your Spirit, unity in diversity as we build up your Church for the sole purpose of your greater glory, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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