Reflection on the Kingdom of God from the ‘Soul Institute’ from book The Lord’s Prayer by Romano Guardini

We read in the book, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ by Romano Guardini, ” The kingdom of God is something that is directed towards us, as it were; that presses forward towards us-to each of us individually and to each in his communion with all. It presses forward, but in no way does it force it arrival. It cannot arrive, in any case, for it can come only in freedom. Man must open himself to it. He must believe. He must prepare himself. He must strain toward it with eager longing. He must be courageous with the kingdom of God and let it in; he must surrender himself to it. But if he shuts himself up, if he remains indifferent or resists, or rebels and refuses obedience, the kingdom slips away from him. The power of Almighty God works in it, and it works only if freedom open itself to it. If this does not happen, the the power of God is powerless, as it were. If man becomes immersed in the happening of the day; if he becomes entangled in his passion; if he loses his heart to his fellow beings and his possessions, then the kingdom, finding no place, recedes and vanishes.”

Jesus says to certain individuals in the scriptures, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” This might sounds great. As if Jesus were giving us a high five when he says, “you are not far from the kingdom of God.” However, the truth remains, they are still outside the kingdom of God. How many of us are not far from the kingdom? But the truth be told we are not in the kingdom of God.

Thought for the day: How do we enter the kingdom of God? We enter the kingdom of God by loving, forgiving, helping the poor, growing in virtue, having Jesus as the center of our heart. When we are in the kingdom of God we think and love like Jesus. When we think and act like the world we are outside the kingdom of God.

Question of the day: Are you inside or outside the kingdom of God?


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