Golden nugget from a 5 day silent retreat “Get rid of the filters”

I just got back from a 5 day silent retreat at Priest Field WV. There were about 40 priests on the retreat. Normally the silence part begins after dinner on Sunday. Well we are fallen creatures, and we were allowed to watch the super bowl on Sunday night. So the silent part began on Monday morning. It is kinda weird having breakfast, lunch and dinner eating your tuna salad, and trying not to look around because everyone is silent. Basically it takes about 10 minutes to eat your tuna salad, than off to the chapel. God speaks in the silence.

This bring me back to one golden nugget. The Bishop in the first conference said, “Children learn quickly because they have no filters. However around 12 or so we build filters so don’t learn as easily.” The Bishop said we even bring our filters to Jesus. Jesus is the only person we can totally trust, but we approach Jesus with a million and one filters.

How do we put on filters with Jesus. We do this in many ways, such as: when Jesus clearly tells us in scripture to pray with confidence, trust, forgive, give to the poor, don’t be a hypocrite our minds are racing to excuse ourselves, or try to justify why it applies to someone else rather than ourselves.

Jesus says, unless you become like a child you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus is telling us to trust Him completely, and if we trust Jesus with no filters we would soon become a saint.


3 thoughts on “Golden nugget from a 5 day silent retreat “Get rid of the filters””

  1. Whoa! That was a powerful thought about the filters. I will remember that for quite a while. Thanks Father for sharing. God bless you. JMJ

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