The Holy Spirit and the Word of God reflection from the ‘Soul Institute’

Saint Bonaventure tells us, “The source of sacred scripture was not human research but divine revelation. The revelation comes from the Father of Light from whom the whole concept of fatherhood in heaven and on earth derives. From him, through Jesus Christ his Son, the Holy Spirit enters us. Then, through the Holy Spirit who allots and apportions his gifts, (charisms) to each person as he wishes, we receive the gift of faith, and through faith Christ lives in our hearts. So we come to know Christ and this knowledge becomes the main source of a firm understanding of the truth of all sacred Scripture. It is impossible, therefore, for anyone to achieve this understanding unless he first receives the gift of faith in Christ. This faith is the foundation of the whole Bible, a lamp and a key to its understanding. As long as our earthly state keeps us from seeing the Lord, this same faith is the firm basis of all supernatural enlightenment, the light guiding us to it, and the doorway through which we enter upon it.”

Pope Benedict wrote in ‘Verbum Domini’. “The word of God is thus expressed in human words thanks to the working of the Holy Spirit. The mission of the Son and the Holy Spirit are inseparable and constitute a single economy of salvation. The same Spirit who acts in the incarnation of the Word in the womb of the Virgin Mary is the Spirit who guides Jesus throughout his mission and is promised to his disciples. The same Spirit who spoke through the prophets sustains and inspires the Church in her task if proclaiming the word of God and in the preaching of the Apostles; finally, it is the Spirit who inspires the authors of Sacred Scripture…As saint Irenaeus states: ‘Those who do not share in the Spirit so not draw from the bosom of their mother (the Church) the food of life; they receive nothing from the purest fountain that flows from the body of Christ.'”

We read in Genesis that God spoke light into bring. God said let there be light, and there was light. God’s Word was all powerful. Everything Jesus said happened. Jesus could tell a crippled man to pick up his mat and walk. When Jesus spoke a word, it was in the breath of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit carried the Word. It was the Holy Spirit that made the Word all powerful.

Scripture breathe the Holy Spirit. When we approach scripture in the Holy Spirit we touch Christ. The Spirit gives life. One of the reason that a priest might give a beautiful homily, but it fails to move hearts is because the homily was not anointed by the Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit when we preach and teach God’s Word.

We need the gift of faith to understand the scripture. Today may we ask the Holy Spirit to give us the gift of faith when we read and teach God’s Word.

Prayer for the day:
Holy Spirit give me the gift of faith today
Holy Spirit pour into my heart the knowledge and light to see Jesus in every page of the scriptures
Help me to experience the breath of the Holy Spirit today as I pray with God’s Word.
Come Holy Spirit help me to experience Jesus anew in His Word


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