Reflection from the ‘Soul Institute’ Third week of Lent, Gift of Holy Spirit Knowledge/ Virtue Faith Beatitude Blessed are those who mourn

"Let the Fire Fall"

Saint Thomas shows how each of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit are linked to a particular virtue or virtues, and how this leads to one of the Beatitudes. St Thomas is showing us how to grow in virtue.

Father Brian Bransfield in his book, ‘The Human Person’ tells us this about the Holy Spirit gift of Knowledge, ” The gift of knowledge is not directed towards acquiring knowledge in a worldly sense. The sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation do not give infused knowledge about algebra, for example, so that our mathematics grade will rise from a C to A. The gifts of hope and piety have begun to direct us to the love of knowledge. This sanctifies the intellects of Christians, and we begin to read inwardly the true nature of thing, especially the actions of Christ…The gift of knowledge leads us to the things that really matter…

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