Having a discussion with someone about the difference between the particular judgement and the general judgement, here is a quote that might mean nothing to you, but it was what I was looking for this morning, sorry this is so long

Joseph Ratzinger in his book, ‘Eschatology’ writes, ” Lastly, we must bear in mind that Christ is not alone. The whole meaning of his earthly life lay in his building for himself a body, in his creating fir himself a ‘fullness.’ Since Christ’s body truly belong to him, encounter with Christ takes place in encounter with those who are Christ’s, because they have his body. And so our destiny, our truth, if it is really constituted theologically, Christologically, depends upon our relation to Christ’s body and notably to its suffering members. To this extent, the ‘saints’ are our judge. In reflecting on the nature of the Last Day we saw that, viewed from this angle, there is a significant interrelation between individual and general judgement. Even though the definite truth of an individual is fixed in the moment of death, something new is contributed when the world’s guilt has been suffered through to the bitter end. It is at this point that one’s final place in the whole is exhaustively determined.”


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