11 Goals for the ‘Soul Institute’ From Fr Stefan

11 goals for the Soul Institute, March 3 2015

1- Develop the best teaching in the world on the topic of charisms
2-Be able to communicate this teaching in such a way that the average Christian/Catholic can understand
3-Develop criteria by which people can learn what their charisms are
4-The Soul institute will flow from the heart of the Church
5-Have process in place by which seminaries and seminarians are taught about what their gifts are
6-To have a part to play in the renewal of the entire Church
7-To develop new insights into the nature of charisms, meaning we take the traditional teaching on charism but develop them in new ways, with new insights
8-Show that there are 3 links that are connected-community-charisms-new evangelization. Show how you need all three and how they are interdependent on each other
9-To have all this training/teaching practically lived in the parish life on the local level
10- Because we will have the best teaching in the world regarding the topic of charisms we will attract interested people from all over the world to come and study-But the Soul Institute will not be about a center in a particular place. It will be about helping to create a new way of thinking in the Church about the importance of charisms for the new evangelization
11-Helping people not only discover their charisms but grow in their charisms through teaching and community


6 thoughts on “11 Goals for the ‘Soul Institute’ From Fr Stefan”

  1. The Sienna Institute’s Called and Gifted program is wonderful and designed to help people identify their charisms. Maybe you could work with them?

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