Poem by Father Stefan ‘Marbles in a Jar’

Gifts of God most high
Are like marbles in a jar
Image of God looking at us from afar
Each marbles beautiful in structure round
Blue marble of charity and love
Yellow marble of peace and joy
Crystal marble of prophecy and understanding
White marble of peace and forgiveness
Green marble of of faith and hope
Red marble of knowledge and service
Brown marble of humility and prayer
Black marble of strength and fear of the Lord
Orange marble of wisdom and love
Each marble precious and beautiful by itself
But made more beautiful and collected in a jar
Each marble highlight the colors of each other marble
No marble is purely
Blue Green or White
Each marble has within it many streams of colors
Bubbles of Orange Yellow and Black
Each gift of God is unique like a marble
But each gift of God has a hint of every other color
Marbles in a jar are made more beautiful by the light of the sun
When the lights touches the marbles in the jar they become as majestic as the ocean blue
The light of the sun makes the ocean sparkle like the rainbow
Every gift of God is like marbles in a jar


2 thoughts on “Poem by Father Stefan ‘Marbles in a Jar’”

  1. Father
    Your inspiring poem has given me food for thought for my Sunday school class for next week with a good hands on jar of marbles. Hopefully the Holy Spirit will make it a lesson to remember. Thanks for the insights. JMJ

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