Pope Francis On Holy Spirit “Soul Institute”

Pope Francis just recently preached a homily at a Pentecostal Church. Some nuggets from his homily, “Christian who are still- this is harmful, because what is still, which doesn’t walk, is corrupted.” In the spiritual life you are either going forward or you are going backwards. The current of the water is against you. If you relax you find yourself downstream. Pope Francis writes, “Christians without hope turn in life; they are not capable of going forward. We are secure only when we walk in the presence of the Lord Jesus. He illumines us; He gives us his Spirit to walk well.”

Francis writes, “When one walks in God’s Presence, there is fraternity…And it isn’t the Holy Spirit who creates division! He does something that is is quite similar to it, but not division. It’s is not the Lord Jesus Christ who creates division! He who creates division is in fact the Envious One, the king of envy, the father of envy, the sower of darnel, Satan. He interferes in communities and creates division.” How powerful is that. How many times have we allowed Satan to use us to create division? The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of unity.

Francis writes, “What does the Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit creates ‘diversity’ in the Church…The Holy Spirit himself creates unity, so the the Church is one in diversity. And to use the word of an Evangelical whom I love very much, a ‘reconciled diversity’ in the Holy Spirit. he creates both things: he creates the diversity of charisms and then He creates the harmony of charisms. Therefore the early theologians of the Church, the early Fathers – I am speaking of the 3rd and 4th century said, ‘The Holy Spirit is harmony,’ because He creates this harmonious unity in diversity.” Man wants everything to look the same. The Holy Spirit is a creative Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like the ocean. The ocean is teaming with life.

Pope Francis said to the crowd of Pentecostal Christians, “And these laws were sanctioned by the baptized! Some of these who made these laws and some those who persecuted, denounced their Pentecostal brothers because they were ‘enthusiasts’ almost ‘madman’ who ruined the race, some were Catholics…I am the Pastor of Catholics: I ask forgiveness  for this…I ask the Lord to give us the grace to admit and forgive.”

As the song says, “We are one in the Spirit we are one in the Lord.”


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