Reflection from the ‘Soul Institute’ Fr Bob and Renewal of the parish ‘ Wait for the Holy Spirit to move than move

Father Bob taught that a priest needs to go where the Holy Spirit is working. When a priest sees where the Holy Spirit is moving. He is to encourage the movement of the Holy Spirit, and teach the people of God about it. This sounds simple enough, but it is almost the exact opposite of a maintenance model of the parish. The maintenance model is to keep everything going in the parish exactly like it has always been done.

Father Bob had a keen insight into the Holy Spirit. The priest has to keep an eye on what the Holy Spirit is doing. When everything is reduced to keeping the ship moving, and just making sure all the bases are covered so that everyone is happy. What can happen is that the priest can have blinder put over his spiritual eyes. So that he doesn’t even notice or have time for a genuine move of the Holy Spirit.

There is also a general feeling that everything is better if a priest is involved. So the priest is running from one activity to another. While is a very good thing that a priest make himself available. It is more important if we ask a more basic question, ‘Is the Holy Spirit present here?’


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