reflection on the cross from the “Soul Institute” Passion Sunday

Some thoughts on the cross. Today we read the whole passion of Jesus. It always catches many people by surprise why the Gospel reading takes 25 minutes. While I was giving out communion this evening. I though of 2 ideas, stories about the cross.

First Story. A young woman was praying to God. She was pleading to God to take her cross away. She felt she was given a much heavier cross than everyone else. She pleading with God for so long that eventually Jesus appeared to her. Jesus full of love said to the young woman, “I have heard your prayer. I will take your cross away from you.”

Immediately she found herself in a huge castle. Jesus said to her, “You may choose from any of the crosses that you find in the castle.” She saw huge crosses, heavy crosses, very light crosses. After she walked through all the halls she eventually found a little room with a very very small cross in the corner. In fact, this cross was the smallest of all the crosses in the castle. The young woman said to Jesus, “I want this cross.” Jesus with love in his eyes said to the young woman, “My Beloved that is the cross that I took from you.”

Second thought, idea or story. St Catherine of Siena said that the cross is a bridge from earth to heaven. The cross needs to be big and long enough to cross the chasm from earth to Heaven. Know that Jesus has made your cross just the right side so that you can cross safely from earth to heaven.


2 thoughts on “reflection on the cross from the “Soul Institute” Passion Sunday”

  1. Father I loved the story about the young girl seeking to relinquish her cross for another and then it gave me a new insight into trusting in Jesus to know just the appropriate one necessary to reach into Heaven for my sake as a bridge. Read this after Palm Sunday vigil Mass which made it even more meaningful. Thanks and God bless you during this approaching Holy Week. JMJ

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