Reflection on praying inside a late term abortion clinic Fr Stefan

Yesterday I got call if I was free to bless a vacant late term abortion clinic. This is a place that I have prayed before many many times. I never thought that I would one day be inside, blessing the very rooms where the late term abortions took place.

I got there around 1215 Wed, and was meet by two men. One catholic and one non catholic. They went on to describe the underhanded and illegal practices of the two doctors who worked there.

last year, I went to Auschwitz concentration camp. For me it felt more evil than that. You could feel the evil. Auschwitz has been blessed by saints who have died there. You can go to the cell where saint Maximilian Kolbe died.

I recited the exorcism prayers of Leo XIII, Litany to Precious blood and many other prayers.

It is a huge place. Sprinkled Holy Water in every room. At the end consecrated the place to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Went I left I thought of the cross and Calvary. Calvary was the place where Hell poured out it fury. Calvary was also the place were we received God forgiveness and mercy. At the end I ask that the angels and saints surround this place. And that God bless every woman, man, baby that came to this place. That God touch the people who worked here. That God bless all the pro-lifer who have prayed outside for many years. That God bless all the people and businesses that also occupy this building. That one day, this place which was a place of death will become a place that houses a good legitimate business.

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