Mass for the intentions of the Holy Spirit, Mary the little Arab

Yesterday May 16 Pope Francis made Mary the little Arab a Saint. She started a convent in the Holy Land. She had tons of charisms. She was killed and came back to life.A woman dressed in blue, ‘The Blessed Mother’ stitched her head back on her head. Her head was chopped off. She meet St Joseph. She would talk to her guardian angel.She had the Stigmata. She would levitate 40 feet in the air and pray her rosary. Mary gave her a spoon full of soup from the heavenly banquet. Her whole life she wanted to taste that soup again. She prayed constantly to the Holy Spirit.

Here is a paragraph from a CNN article, ” A throat slit, a miracle occurs
Baouardy was born in Ibillin, a small village in Galilee, also in the 1840s. She was the 13th child in her family, and the only one to survive past infancy.

Her parents died when she was 3 years old, and her uncle raised her.

In Alexandria, Egypt, one of her uncle’s servants told her to convert to Islam. When she refused, the servant slit her throat.

It was then that Baouardy’s miracle began.

“Mariam became a martyr, and she went to heaven,” said Sister Fireal of the Carmelite Monastery in Bethlehem. “She saw the crown of grace, saw her mother and father. But she heard a voice saying that your life is not yet over and you should return to Earth.”

According to Baouardy’s account, a young nun dressed in blue healed her, cared for her, and led her to the church. It was, she believed, the Virgin Mary.

Baouardy led a life of service to the poor and to the church.”

She was largely unknown. But for some reason, I remember someone telling me 19 years ago when I first became a priest something she said, “If a priest would offer a mass but once a month for the intentions of the Holy Spirit He would be soon raising the dead.” During my life time as a priest I have taken that quote literally, and have offer hundreds of masses for the intentions of the Holy Spirit. The intention at the mass for the mass and healing service is for the intentions of the Holy Spirit.

Tell priests to offer masses for the intentions of the Holy Spirit.

See you this Friday May 22 at 7 pm at St Tim’s for a mass and healing service. The intention of the mass will be for the intentions of the Holy Spirit.

Mariam the little Arab pray for us.


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