reflection on the Trinity from ‘Soul Institute’ Trinity Sunday

Scripture tells us, “There is one God.” The psalm tells us, “There is one God in the highest.” Thomas go on to say, “The reason that He willed to distinguish the distinction of the persons so that we might consider which things are attributed to each person.”

“Eternity is attributed to the Father. Beauty and image are attributed to the Son. Enjoyment and gift are attributed to the Holy Spirit.”

“Hence our salvation consists in the stability of eternity (Father) in the beauty of light (Son) and in the enjoyment of delight. (Holy Spirit)

“First: salvation consists in the stability of eternity. (Psalm 107:30) ” a ship is saved when it is on it say to a stable harbor.” The ship is not saved (in vita) but in the heavenly homeland.” We will not be fully saved until we are in the arms of the Father in Heaven.

“Second: salvation consists in beauty of divine light. (Psalm 80:4) “Show us your face and we will be saved. In beauty of his face we find every good.”

“Third: salvation consists in the enjoyment of divine delights. (Psalm 36:9) “Your house will be drenched with abundance.” St Thomas comments, “A man is drench is beside himself in the same way the saints in the heavenly homeland will be ( in the arms of the Father); and from the stream of your pleasure you will give them drink. (Psalm 36:9).

When we experience the Trinity we are drenched with abundance. We find every good in the face of Jesus. We are safe in the arms of the Father.

The Trinity is whole and contains every good. The color that I associate with the Trinity is white. White contains every color. The color for the Father is blue. The Father rules the world with tranquility and calm. The Son is yellow. The Son is the light of the world. The Holy Spirit is red. The Holy Spirit is the fire of God’s Love.

Blue, yellow and red are the three primary colors. In the same way all colors come from a mixture of blue, yellow and red. All things come from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All of creation has the foot prints of the Holy Trinity


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