The Healing Ministry of Jesus reflections from the ‘Soul Institute’ The Healing Acts of Jesus Were Themselves The Message that He had Come To Set Men Free

Father Richard McAlear in his book ‘The Power of Healing Prayer’ writes, “The healing ministry of Jesus is important for many reasons, but especially because it tells is something about who Jesus is and why he came. Even many non-Christian are familiar with Jesus as a teacher who speaks of eternal truths and divine ethics. But Jesus is more than a teacher and more than a model of human life….

Jesus knows more than anyone else of a world that was created beautiful and whole. He is moved to anger at the bondage, the evil, and the brokenness that He finds in this world. And at every point Jesus restores people to wholeness. He rescues them out of their brokenness and pain. He Heals.

Jesus comes not simply to save the world but to save the individual. Recall the healing of Peter’s mother-in Law. (Lk 4:38-39) She was in bed with a fever when Jesus came to the house. Jesus went to her, took her by the hand, and rebuked the fever. Immediately she was made well.

Jesus calls every single person to Himself and back to wholeness of life that God intends for all. When He finds people broken by disease, He heals their bodies. When He finds them in bondage to evil spirits, he casts out the evil spirits. When He finds them lost and alienated from God, He forgives their sin and reconciles them. He redeems people like Mary Magadalene from a life of degradation and Zacchaeus from isolation.

Jesus comes also to restore people’s spirits and hearts. Recall, for example, the story of the widow whose only son had died. Jesus felt her grief, and reached out and raised the dead boy to life. This was a healing of the broken heart of a lonely woman more than an act of power to prove his divinity. (Lk 7:12-15)

What God wants for His people is what the Jewish people call chayyim, which means ‘life.’ This is not just existence but life in its fullness, life with joy, life in abundance. Jesus proclaims that He has come to give this life in abundance. (John 10:10) God is not distant; He does not look down on the world from far away. Rather God is passionately involved in the world that He has made. He is deeply interested is His people and their lives.”

Francis MacNutt in his book ‘Healing’ writes, ” It must be noted, that St Mark, probably the earliest to set the gospel to writing, devotes much of his account to the healing episodes in the ministry of Jesus, and less to the actual teaching of Jesus. Today we no longer view the miracles of Jesus solely as ‘proofs’ of his divinity or as ‘guarantees’ that his teaching were correct and from God; rather we are seeing that the miracles were the very actions of God present in the life and works of Jesus. The Healing Acts of Jesus Were Themselves The Message that He had Come To Set Men Free; They were not just to prove that his message was true, In a very basic sense, his medium was his message. The sign of salvation was that men were being saved, restored to all that they had lost.”

Jesus came to heal and restore that which was lost. Wholeness is holiness. The healing ministry was not just a side ministry of Jesus. Jesus came to heal our bodies, hearts, souls, relationships, creation. Eveyrthing Jesus did and taught was about healing a broken world.

Prayer for the day

Jesus the healer come to me today
And heal everything that is broken in me
Heal my heart,
Heal my mind
Heal my body
Heal my relationships
Jesus I give you permission to come into my life today and heal everything that needs healing in my life
Jesus help me to be an instrument of your healing in the world

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