Reflection on Ministry of Healing From Pope Francis ‘Soul Institute’ Pope Francis ‘Family Members Who Help Sick are Heores

Pope Francis at his weekly audience yesterday said, “How many times in the Gospel Jesus meets the sick and heals them. Jesus’ desire to cure suffering is a central part of his ministry, coming even before observance of the law.” Pope Francis in his recent document proclaiming the year of mercy ‘The Face of Mercy’ writes, “For his part, Jesus speaks several times of the importance of faith over and above the observance of the law. It is in this sense that we must understand his words when, reclining at table with Matthew and other tax collectors and sinners, he says to the Pharisees raising objections to him, ‘Go and learn the meaning of ‘I desire mercy not sacrifice.’ I have come not to call the righteous, but sinners.’ (Mt 9:13) Faced with a vision of justice as the mere observance of the law that judges people simply by dividing them into two groups-the just and sinners-Jesus is bent on revealing the great gift of mercy that searches out sinners and offers them pardon and salvation. One can see why, on the basis of such a liberating vision of mercy as a source of new life, Jesus was rejected by the Pharisees and the other teachers of the law. In an attempt to remain faithful to the law, they merely placed burdens on the shoulders of others and undermined the Father’s mercy.”

Pope Francis said at his weekly audience yesterday, “Even on Saturday, Jesus healed…For Jesus, healing and restoring health came first. Jesus sent His disciples to do the same. This is why Jesus gave them the power to heal, touch their deepest wounds, and bring them peace.” Pope Francis acknowledged that the illness of one person can be a very severe trial for all the family members. That is why Francis said, ‘Family members who help sick relatives are heroes.”

Let us reflects on the words of this praise song. Jesus come with the power to heal now.

I believe in Jesus
I believe He is the Son of God
I believe He died and rose again
I believe He paid for us all

And I believe He is here now
Standing in our midst
Here With the power to heal now
And the grace to forgive

I believe in You, Lord
I believe You are the Son of God
I believe You died and rose again
I believe You paid for us all.

And I believe You’re here now
Standing in our midst
Here With the power to heal now
And the grace to forgive

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